Power when not equitable, as when used to benefit one more than the other, is said to be unjust
If it is an agent of fear and not trust, it is said to be cowardly and false, for walls are made not born and the fist can neither give nor take, only destroy
If it is in service to itself, and not in the interest of those who gave it strength, it is said to be tyrannical and pernicious, suffocating under its own weight it ushers in its exit
If Power does not doubt, it is said to be arrogant…

A Proposed 28th Amendment: The Unalienable Right to Love

Photo by Fran Collin

The Unalienable Right to love

(Proposed Language)

All people shall have the unalienable right to love —

To love their country through participation, service, and approbation — so government may exist for the people’s interests, and not as an interested entity itself.

To find love with someone for who they are in heart and mind, and devote their lives to each other.

To strive for personal truth, identifying one’s own body and spirit, so that all people may love themselves.

To deserve love from others, and recognize the same edifying grace within all people, as we are all moons in each other’s light.

To have…

Love is forgiveness, kindness, and compassion, as we find peace in the gratitude of what we have, strengthened by what we have lost, and unified by acknowledging the shared trials of being.

Love is meaning, all-consuming bliss, and devotion, as we are graced by the love that exalts us, and gives us the love of the family it makes.

Love is hate when love is betrayed, unrequited, and ignored; loss is never love lost, as shadows let us see our light.

Love is loyalty, fraternity, and honesty, as friends live and die among each others’ happiness, wisdom, and dignity.


Love Today Co — Positive Action Committee

A Super PAC Building a monument to our unity, freedom, and common humanity with a proposed 28th Constitutional Amendment — the Unalienable Right to Love

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