Love is forgiveness, kindness, and compassion, as we find peace in the gratitude of what we have, strengthened by what we have lost, and unified by acknowledging the shared trials of being.

Love is meaning, all-consuming bliss, and devotion, as we are graced by the love that exalts us, and gives us the love of the family it makes.

Love is hate when love is betrayed, unrequited, and ignored; loss is never love lost, as shadows let us see our light.

Love is loyalty, fraternity, and honesty, as friends live and die among each others’ happiness, wisdom, and dignity.

Love is admiration, inspiration, and hope, as we reflect on our lives, graced by the teachers, both celebrated and humble, who have inspired us; let our lives be a light in the lives of others.

Today is the point of reflection; today is the true point of power. Positive contributions are made through loving means, as love is the foundation of us as a people.

I wish to devote my life to the love and happiness of others, and am honored to stand among those who wish to join me.

Love is all of us, and every one of us.

A Super PAC Building a monument to our unity, freedom, and common humanity with a proposed 28th Constitutional Amendment — the Unalienable Right to Love

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